I’m a public historian in South Dakota and I’m fascinated by all the stories this place holds.  This blog is my way to share those stories from trips into the field, into the archives, and across the web. The posts are selectively informal.  Let me know about SD history in the news and in local events, and tell me what you want to hear more about!

Disclaimer: I have an admitted bias towards historic preservation, cultural resources, environmental history, and women’s history.  All photographs are those of the author unless otherwise stated — I try my best to refrain from using photographs not yet in the public domain without express permission.  Additionally, this is a personal blog of the author and does not represent my employer or any particular organization.

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Liz Almlie

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi I’m doing a research paper on American Indian Culture for my Class at BHSU. I was wondering if this is the best way to get ahold of you?


  2. Most of the Helen Magee collection is now digitized http://www.hotspringspubliclibrary.com scroll down to the green view the collectoin here and it will take you to the Helen Magee collection, no library card necessary.

    I sgned up to receive your posts but they don’t come through, I have to search them out. Am I on your list to receive them? Thanks.


    • I do have the Hot Springs collection featured in my latest Digital Resources post. I checked my list and it says you signed up on the 15th and I haven’t posted anything new since the 11th. Hopefully it’ll work when I do.


  3. Hello, I am writing an article on Hattie Phillips and would love to correspond with you. Could you please email me as soon as you possibly can? I would like to ask you a couple questions. Thanks.


  4. I’m particularly intrigued with millinery and I appreciate your posts on professional women.
    Most of my interest in local history comes from following family stories. Gradually, I’m posting at thingsmomsaved.com, and on Facebook in the “you know you’re from Sioux Falls…” group.
    Some friends and I recently discussed the #tubsofthepast that we have in our basements, as we have inherited the “family stuff.”
    Romy Klessen


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