Women and Gender History


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Women’s History Sources at the Center for Western Studies (1998, pdf), Augustana University, Sioux Falls.

Manuscript Collections, H.M. Briggs Library, South Dakota State University, Brookings: Includes AAUW Brookings Branch records, Elizabeth Cook-Lynn Papers, Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve Papers, General Federation of Women’s Clubs of South Dakota records, research files on Gladys Pyle collected by Jeanette Kinyon and Jean Walz, Gertrude Stickney Young Collection, and Women Artists in Collaboration records.


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a book of biographical sketches of South Dakota women including Sarah Wood Ward (pioneer), Mary Uline Dunlap (churchwoman), Krete Kendall Miller (artist), Charlotte Elliot (scientist), Gladys Pyle (stateswoman), and Lois Thrather Clarke (journalist), followed by a few fictionalized stories