Biographies of Women’s Suffrage – I

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Irene M. Ide (1886-1980) [Webster, Day County] was the suffrage campaign chair for Day County in the 1918 campaign [Pidgeon to Pyle, February 8, 1918, RD07720, correspondence 1918-02-01 to 1918-02-08; Ide to Pyle, February 23, 1918, RD07971, correspondence 1918-02-19 to 1918-02-28; Pyle to Ide, November 4, 1918, RA11667, and Pyle to Ide, November 9, 1918, RA11778, Box 4, Correspondence, 1918, November 8-14; and Bird to Pyle, December 20, 1918, RA12055, Box 4, Correspondence, 1918, December, Pyle papers USD]. Born in North Dakota, Irene Moore married Rev. Herbert P. Ide in 1905. Her husband was a Methodist minister and became a teacher. They moved frequently, eventually settling for a time in Harvey, ND where Ide became active in the state leadership of the North Dakota American Legion Auxiliary in 1930-1934. She was its state president in 1932-1933 and national committeewoman in 1933-1935. In the 1940s or 50s, they moved to California [Fargo Forum and Daily Republican (ND), July 15, 1905; Grand Forks Herald (ND), October 6, 1919; Bismarck Tribune (ND), July 19, 1930, May 14, 1932, July 28, 1932, July 12, 1933, August 26, 1933, March 2, 1935; 1900-1940 census, WWI Draft Registration, California Voter Registrations, and California Death Index, via].

Bismarck Tribune (ND), July 28, 1932.

Allie Lake Ince (c.1870-1952?) [Philip, Haakon County] was president of the local suffrage club in Philip for the 1910 campaign, for which she presided over local campaign rallies and went to Midland to campaign [Philip Weekly Review (SD), April 28, 1910; Bad River News (Philip SD), May 5, 1910, May 26, 1910, August 11, 1910; Page 4, Bulletin – votes for women, c1910, RA08435, Pyle Papers, USD]. Born in Canada, Allie Lake was married to Dr. Henry J.T. Ince (who had been born in Barbados), and they came to Philip in about 1909. She was also very active in the local W.C.T.U. and the Methodist church Ladies’ Aid [Philip Weekly Review (SD), September 22, 1910; Bad River News (Philip SD), March 31, 1910, March 16, 1911, September 21, 1911, March 21, 1912; Union County Courier (Elk Point SD), September 29, 1910]. She and her husband divorced in 1913 [Philip Weekly Review and Bad River News (SD), April 3, 1913]. Also 1900-1930 censuses and US-Canada Border Crossings 1946, via; “Henry James Toppin Ince,”

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