What I’m Reading 7

What I’ve been reading in spare moments over the past few months…

‘This is all the home I now have’: Deserted and Widowed Homesteaders” by Rebecca S. Wingo, Macalaster College on Rural Women’s Studies to promote the new book Homesteading the Plains: Toward a New History, with a focus on Nebraska.  The excerpt/adapted text in the blog focuses on ‘non-traditional’ paths to becoming a woman homesteader by desertion or being widowed – which required a lot of hoops to negotiate in the bureaucratic process of claiming the land, and their reliance on male relatives/neighbors to bear witness for their claim.

This great online exhibit: Protecting Places: Historic Preservation and Public Broadcasting from the American Archive of Public Broadcasting on “the many ways Americans have created a dialogue through public media about these places that embody local and national histories” made the rounds on social media a short while ago.  It’s great to see a study about historic preservation with a particular aspect of media like public broadcasting, and I will have to keep this archive in mind for research generally.  And, it looks like they have some crowd-sourcing transcription on their site–that looks like fun.

I was looking at the SD Agricultural Heritage Museum and can’t believe I missed these exhibits: Land In Her Own Name and Bittersweet Harvest: The Bracero Program 1942-1964.

And finally, I’ve read several good articles in recent issues of South Dakota History, particularly ones on the Presentation Sisters who founded and ran the network of Catholic hospitals in South Dakota, on the experience of one particular Scottish-trained nurse in the Plankinton (I think) area, on the persistence of the sod house building on the South Dakota prairie, and on the women of Brown County who served as nurses and other jobs during World War I.

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