A Brief Moment of Personal Reflection

I am going to wallow for a bit, but only briefly.  I have had a couple (several) months where I feel pulled in every direction at once and torn into small, unfocused pieces.  Too many balls in the air and not enough hands.  Too many irons in the fire.  Too many cats to herd.  Too many metaphors…

For a variety of reasons, I just can’t get ahead of anything and can’t spend the desired time and depth on anything–particularly for history-related reading and research projects, both in and outside of work.   It is crazy frustrating and I suspect it isn’t so uncommon (I hope it isn’t, I’d hate to be the outlier in this).  Please feel free to comment with any advice or commiseration–I may be a lost cause (dramatic sigh), but others might benefit  🙂

A blessing of public history is the chance to do and learn many different things, but sometimes…

I am getting the chance this weekend to go on a small road trip (that’s the plan at least) and share a visit to the Pyle House Museum in Huron with women who have not yet been there (see my previous post about my first visit, here).  That’ll hopefully re-activate the history-joy centers of my brain…


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