For Further Reading

These are a few of the things I’ve been reading recently:

1. Public History Commons:

“Senior centers, nursing homes, and perhaps even hospital rooms are places public historians should think more about. These are places where resources at our disposal can, with a modest investment of time, meet important existing needs. For the senior center in Oslo, the need was clear: a volunteer-run evening program that would give residents something to think and talk about besides the food. And my resources were pretty obvious, too: I knew about and was interested in historical photos, and I had time on my hands while I was learning Norwegian…”

2. South Dakota Magazine:

The new July/August issue has a fantastic series of articles on the old route of South Dakota Highway 16 and its relationship to the towns on the route as well as the new interstate, the town of Plankinton, and the “Sea of Grass” art exhibit at the Timber Lake & Area Museum, as well as tons of other culture, nature, and heritage goodness.

3. Argus Leader on development in Sioux Falls

I’ve been watching a series of articles come out in Sioux Falls’ paper, the Argus Leader, about proposed developments in their downtown.  Sioux Falls had a series of development booms with urban renewal on North Phillips in the 60s, and the banking boom in the 80s, but this coming small boom is a direct result of the demand for downtown residential space.  And why do people want to live downtown?  Because of great culture, shopping, entertainment, and HISTORIC CHARACTER.  So will a series of modern buildings that are taller and more massive than anything there actually end up working to counter-purposes…?  And why is that voice not yet present in the public debate?


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