Mead Building Open House

Another exciting event coming up is the open house at the Mead Building outside of Yankton on Sunday, May 10th, 1-4pm.

This was formerly the administration building for the state asylum.  Most of the historic buildings were abandoned when new facilities were built.  After many years and minimal openness to historic-minded redevelopment for the state-owned campus, the Yankton County Historical Society (YCHS) worked out an agreement with the state to rehab this building for their Dakota Territorial Museum.  The state recently went ahead and demolished several of the other historic buildings on the campus. So as one of the surviving buildings, it’s going to be awesome to see the work that the YCHS has been doing.  They’ve worked on the roof, windows, and now have repairs to historic plaster to show off!

South Dakotans will long be grateful to the museum for stepping up and saving this landmark of state history.  It’s a complex, and not always pretty, history of mental illness and medical care, but it’s important.  And the architecture is fantastic…

If you want to support the work they’re doing to make this a first-class destination for the preservation and interpretation of history, please consider making a donation!

Video: the Mead Building before rehabilitation work started.



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